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Appliance Repair

We service Las Vegas and beyond with expert RV and trailer repair and maintenance with fully equipped service trucks for on-site repairs.

Appliance Repair

Appliance servicing and repairs can save you from disaster when you are out on the road. We offer furnace, stove range, refrigerator, microwave, toilet, sink, and tub repair. We can handle any project, contact us with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your water heater isn’t heating water, check the thermostat settings and ensure the power or gas supply is connected. If the problem persists, it’s best to contact us for a thorough inspection and repair.


Yes, we can assist with upgrading your current appliances or installing new ones. We’ll help you choose the right models for your needs and ensure they are properly installed.


First, check if the appliance is properly plugged in, the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, and there are no blown fuses. If everything seems fine and it still isn’t working, contact us to schedule a diagnostic appointment.



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