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Solar Diagnostics & Repairs

We service Las Vegas and beyond with expert RV and trailer repair and maintenance with fully equipped service trucks for on-site repairs.

Solar Diagnostic and Repair Services

Fully embrace being off the grid with solar for your RV. Our solar installation means you are no longer reliant on generators or finding campsites with electrical hookups. We are authorized installers of Victron Energy batteries and converters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Many think that the investment in solar panels is worth it to enjoy stress-free traveling. Installing solar panels allows your RV to have electricity even when you aren’t connected to a campground electric hookup. This is also a well worth it option for those looking for a sustainable energy source when traveling.

 Busted Knuckle can help you determine what size/type of panels you should get. This depends on your expected usage, basically, how many devices you need to use electricity for in your RV.

 You need more than just panels for your RV – you need a way to store the energy you collect. You will also need a battery bank, inverter, and charge controller.

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