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Custom Fabrication

We service Las Vegas and beyond with expert RV and trailer repair and maintenance with fully equipped service trucks for on-site repairs.

Custom Fabrication Services

May your RV yours with all of the modifications you want. We are equipped to install suspension mods, custom hitches, leveling systems, frame repairs, and more. Our custom fabrication goes beyond mods, we can create just about anything you want to customize your RV. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Custom fabrication involves designing and creating specialized components or modifications to meet the needs of the RV owners. This can include structural changes, interior modifications, or custom-built accessories.

High-quality custom fabrication add-ons can add value through functionality or aesthetics. Very specific personalizations may not appeal to all new customers, so consider the potential resale market.

Some common services include cabinetry, storage solutions, exterior modifications, hitches, mounting brackets and slide-out installations.

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