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Tuning & Brakes

We service Las Vegas and beyond with expert RV and trailer repair and maintenance with fully equipped service trucks for on-site repairs.

RV Tuning & Brakes Services

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your RV reliable. Our goal is to have your RV or trailer running for years to come. We offer tuning and brake services, including fluid service, lubrication, ignition system repairs, fuel system treatment, starting repairs, and charging systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend having your RV tuned every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or once a year. This should be done sooner if you notice a decrease in fuel efficiency or difficulty starting.

Our RV tuning ensures a smoothly running engine by adjusting or replacing components such as the spark plugs, air filters, fuel injectors,  and ignition timing. We also check the efficiency of the RV’s emission systems.

Signs that your RV needs brake service include squeaking or grinding noise when braking, a softer feeling underfoot when braking, or a burning smell near the wheels. 

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