Don’t ruin your trip by discovering hours into your drive that you forgot something essential! Although RV camping is probably the easiest way to camp, a lot of preparation still has to be done before you set off. It can be helpful for you to start compiling a list of what your group needs, test it out, and add to or subtract items as you travel to fine-tune your list. Once you find out exactly what you need, nothing less and nothing more, you’ll have even smoother travels. But to start out, let’s look at some essentials that are easy to skip over but are extremely important for a seamless RV trip.

  1. Wheel Chocks: Chocks, used in addition to brakes, prevent your RV from rolling away. They are generally inexpensive and certainly worth it, as they could be the difference between a working RV and one that has rolled into the lake.
  2. Separate Water Hoses: Separating your clean water and gray water can prevent some pretty nasty mixups on the road. Using different-colored hoses for the two can help you remember which is which.
  3. Leveling Blocks: If you are camping on a surface that is even slightly uneven, leveling blocks can make your stay much more comfortable. They provide stable, level support for your RV to prevent shifting and tilting. They can also help your appliances function better, as they may be damaged by operating at a tilted position.
  4. Tool Kit: You never know what could go wrong on the road, and if you consider yourself a true RVer, you’re likely to find yourself pretty far away from civilization in most instances. If you’re making a cross-country trip and realize that the rattling of the road is loosening the bolts that hold your door on, you’re going to need a tool kit to fix it, and you may be hours from the nearest town. Keeping a tool kit handy in your RV can make you a more self-sufficient traveler. If you run into any major problems that you are unable to fix yourself, contact an RV repair service.
  5. Chairs: They’re not essential, but they’re a good thing to throw in your RV. Chances are you’re traveling to enjoy a destination, not just the inside of your RV. You may want to sit outside, and some camping chairs are needed for this. They don’t have to be fancy, or maybe they do, but just don’t forget them.
  6. Outdoor Rug: Often forgotten, but essential for a clean space is an outdoor rug. Wipe off your feet before you enter your RV so you can keep a clean space and leave the outside out.
  7. Portable Generator: Always check the amenities of campsites before you go, but if you are going off the grid, you’ll need a portable generator to keep your RV running.
  8. Tire Pressure Gauge: Long drives can do quite a bit of wear and tear on your tires. Keep a tire pressure gauge so that you can check periodically and avoid a blown tire.
  9. Flashlights and Headlamps: Keeping your RV outside lights on through the night can be annoying to the campers around you. If you need to grab something from your car or from outside, use a flashlight and don’t wake up the whole campsite.

Don’t forget all your personal essentials in addition to this list! We hope this helps, and happy camping! Contact us for any roadside or mobile RV assistance at (702) 767-7125.

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